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Get onshore or offshore IT services

Regardless of onshore or offshore, all custom software vendors should create a road map for your project, follow software industry guidelines, and communicate regularly and give periodic reviews,Thats why Cloudpen Systems is your technology patner.

Offshore development refers to the process of hiring professional aid for specific projects and specific tasks in the regions and countries situated far away. This means that most of the communication will be carried out in the form of mails, messages, chats and online video calling etc. The need for the physical meetings is obliterated as the requirements as well as project itself doesn’t require such interaction. Major factors contributing towards opting for the Offshore Development are cost of development, overall budget for development, talent and expertise availability, utilization of time zones etc. Over the past years Cloudpen Systems have been providing onshore services to clients all over the globe. Reach us today and get your dream solution.

Onshore development on the other hand means that the project will be taken and completed in the same organization without any foreign help from outside the organization. All the aspects of project development and other allied activities are dealt with by the in-house teams. The major factors contributing towards the onshore development are local and regional influence in the project, cost and budget of the organization, professional talent and capacity of the organization, and availability of expertise in the existing team etc. We have an in house team to take any onshore solution.


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